- About Us -

Since 2010, we are a company that follows search engine optimization resources and updates itself. Since our existence; While managing the marketing process expertly, we provide services beyond the expectations of brands and provide consultancy that will increase their efficiency for the digital world. As we move forward on this path, we are constantly working and producing in an open way to improve ourselves.

We adopt the companies that we are solution partners without distinguishing them as small or large, and we produce solutions that are suitable for the dynamics and targets of the companies. We determine the roles of brands in the digital world with the strategies we prepare by evaluating the conditions of the brand. With these solutions we produce, we carry companies high in this virtual world and make them shine.

As Seosfer, after our cooperation with small businesses, the companies we serve become the pioneers of the sector and increase the sales conversion rate with the works we carry out with the sector-leading brands; It is the source of our endless success motivation and our determination to work.