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Media Management
Google uses location services to show people the closest and best results for some searches. It also uses map SEO to rank businesses. Map SEO is a work that allows your business to rank higher in location-based searches and is of great importance in terms of digital marketing.

If you do a search on Google under the heading "auto service", Google will first direct you to businesses that are close to your location and have good map SEO planning. If you are focused on selling in your real office and want to attract people to your center, Map SEO is one of the most useful things you can do.

Media Management
How is it done?
Map SEO is significantly different from other SEO efforts. No matter how SEO friendly you make your content, it will have a limited impact on map searches. The most important thing you need to do to increase your map ranking is to support your presence with strong evidence, verify the location of your business in many sources, get customer reviews and communicate complete and accurate information about you to customers.

Media Management
Our work
If you want to make sure your brand is listed accurately and completely on Google, contact us now.

We work with our experienced SEO and Google experts to increase your visibility and increase your customer base. Our team, which has accomplished many successful projects in the field of media management, ensures that you attract more customers by representing your business on Google Maps in the strongest way.

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Corporate identity

We check whether your brand's information and data are recorded correctly on the internet, and we strengthen your image by providing you with technical details when necessary.

Search Engine

Although Map SEO is a different method from other SEO studies, it is very important for us to deal with searches. We ensure that you get more traffic by editing your descriptions and titles according to SEO rules.

Location Notification

We comprehensively add your address information to Google Maps, adjusting your brand's location precisely and completely so that you can gain traffic.

Engagement Boost

One of the most important elements of Map SEO is user reviews and ratings. We take your brand to the top of the location service by increasing the number of reviews you receive on Google Maps and achieving high scores.

Working hours

For Map SEO to be effective, it is of great importance to provide users with sufficient and accurate information. That's why we accurately reflect your working hours and other working details online.

Brand Value

In order to enable Google to show you more reliably, we increase your brand value and make you stand out in Map searches.

Our Service Process ↩

1. Stage


We start our advertising process by analyzing your industry, company, target audience and competitors. As we are a Google Partner partner, our team is well-versed in Google tools. In this way, we follow every step made on your social media accounts. We obtain accurate data such as at what time your posts are liked, at what age range and from where you get followers, and which customers who are interested in special topics prefer you.

2. Stage

Goal Setting

Before we prepare and publish your ads, we use the channels where your target audience is concentrated. We examine the characteristics of your target audience down to the finest detail and determine areas of interest for ourselves. In the interests section, we enter all the characteristics of your target audience so that all of your ads are shown to people who are interested in you.

3. Stage

Ad Preparation

We prepare the images and texts of your advertisements with the help of our professional team. In this process, we pay attention to SEO rules and do keyword research with our tools. By identifying very interesting topics, we ensure that your ad will return to you as followers, likes and business partnerships.

4. Stage


During the time the advertisements are on the air, we make the necessary analyzes and produce reports. Our professional team determines which advertisements will be beneficial for you at these stages and makes future plans accordingly.

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